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For all blondes, proud gray-haired women and those who like to lighten their hair with highlights, exposure to the sun and other external influences can cause their hair to turn yellow and lose it's shine.


Fortunately, there are Subrina Bye Bye Yellow Purple Shampoo and Purple Mask, which contain high-quality purple pigment to help color-treated blonde hair retain cool tones and shine, while also containing nourishing ingredients to restore moisture and softness to the hair.


Why the color purple?

The purple shampoo contains pigments that neutralize copper and yellow hair. The reason for this lies in the fact that purple and yellow are opposite colors on the color scale, which means that the two colors cancel each other out. In this way, the purple pigment removes copper and yellow shades, and restores the natural blond color in cool tones to the hair.


Key benefits of Bye Bye Yellow Shampoo and Mask:

  • the shampoo thoroughly but gently washes the hair and scalp,
  • tey both neutralize unwanted yellow tones and keep the cool tones of the color,
  • they extend the durability of the color, 
  • they contain provitamin B5, which strengthens the hair structure, restores moisture and flexibility and gives hair softness and shine,
  • the nourishing purple mask further nourishes the hair, strengthens it and fills it with softness and stunning shine.


How to use Bye Bye Yellow Purple Shampoo and Purple Mask?

Shampoo and mask are used as needed. The purple shampoo and mask are suitable for daily hair washing, but at the same time monitoring is needed, depending on their performance on your hair. The beautiful purple pigments may be a little too intense for you, so you might have to use the shampoo or mask every other wash. 



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