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Knowledge, experience and motivation of our employees are of vital importance for Ilirija's growth. With this in mind, we carefully plan hiring new personnel, the course of apprenticeship and job introduction, and the employees' personal and professional development. At the same time we strive to create a working environment in which working demands and results are combined with satisfaction and good interpersonal relations.

We try to make all employees feel like a part of the entire process and feel a sense of belonging, realizing that only with joint effort can we maintain stability in the company and continue with our aggressive growth in the market.

Our employees are the key to success; they are good, but wish to be better. They take both results and obstacles as new challenges on the path to success we wish to achieve as a strong group of connected individuals with the same values. New trends require new skills and abilities on all organizational levels, and since we realize that satisfied employees are the greatest assets of every contemporary company, education and investing in employees are our high priority.


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