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Ilirija has long been a partner of other established companies. In 2006 we joined forces with the renowned Slovenian candle company Trgovina, svečarstvo Milena Kostanjevec s.p. The newly-formed Ilkos d.o.o. deals with the manufacture and sale of mourning, decorative and scented candles. Ilirija d. d. has a long tradition of candle making that dates back to 1923, when Mr. Ivan Rozman first introduced candle production at GOLOB & KO. In 1991, Ilirija moved the production of candles from Ljubljana to the new plant in Lendava. The company continued to manufacture candles until 2006, when the candle programme was taken on by the newly-formed Ilkos d. o. o.

The BIOKILL range of products is a result of a long partnership with the Swiss company Jesmond. Jesmond owns the BIOKILL brand, which stands for effective insect repelling products. Ilirija holds the licence for marketing the brand in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo. Since its inception in 1991, the partnership has produced a number of bestselling insect repellents.