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Ilirija has long been a partner of other established companies, a recognised manufacturer of products under other brand names for supermarket chains and other companies alike, as well as a valued and successful distributer. In these business relationships as in all other areas, we stick to our quality guidelines and present Ilirija as a company with extensive experience and tradition that allows us to react quickly and adapt to any new task or challenge.

Ilirija is an established manufacturer of products under other brand names for supermarket chains and other companies alike. To these partners we offer a comprehensive range of services, total flexibility, a professional approach, technological advice, and marketing consulting. Ilirija-manufactured products under other brand names are mainly available on markets in West and East Europe.

Ilirija has long been a partner of other established companies. In 2006 we joined forces with the renowned Slovenian candle company Trgovina, svečarstvo Milena Kostanjevec s.p. The newly-formed Ilkos d.o.o. deals with the manufacture and sale of mourning, decorative and scented candles. Ilirija d. d. has a long tradition of candle making that dates back to 1923, when Mr. Ivan Rozman first introduced candle production at GOLOB & KO. In 1991, Ilirija moved the production of candles from Ljubljana to the new plant in Lendava. The company continued to manufacture candles until 2006, when the candle programme was taken on by the newly-formed Ilkos d. o. o.

Thanks to extensive sales networks in markets where Ilirija sells its products, the company is valued as a successful distributer. We have long been responsible for the marketing and sale of products by Revlon, a US brand of decorative cosmetics. More recently, we have started marketing exclusive hair care products by Moroccanoil, revolutionary products by Color WOW, and unique Tangle Teezer hair brushes.

Color Wow is the latest innovation from Gail Federici, co-founder of John Frieda's hair care company and
visionary behind their ground-breaking formulas created to address problems specific to frizzy hair
and blondes.

Formulated by Dr. Joe Cincotta, PhD cosmetic chemist, Color Wow is a complete range of new
technologies that resolve problems associated with color-treated hair....including dreaded roots...
AND amp up the "wow factor!" everyday.

For the 75% of women who color their hair (single process, highlights or a combination of both),
Color Wow is a life-changer.

No more roots..ever! No brassiness, dullness or fading! No dry or dull texture!
Less money, less stress and strain on the hair, fewer salon appointments.

BOLSIUS is a well-known dutch producer of various types of candles. BOLSIUS candles guarantee great quality and follow the newest trends. The come in different shapes and for differentes purposes of use.

TANGLE TEEZER is the famous, professional, detangling hairbrush. So impressive are the results, that it took the hair and beauty industry by storm overnight. TANGLE TEEZER is an innovation in hair care that gently and effortlessly detangles your hair with no pain. The founder, Shaun P, realised there was a calling for a new detangling hair tool that didn’t fight or lock in tangles.The answer was in specifically spaced and designed teeth.Four years in the making, the new generation of hairbrush was born.

Moroccanoil built its reputation on positive word of mouth—from runway to salon to spa to editorial spreads. The experts have come to rely on them to create beautiful transformations because they know these products work. Every Moroccanoil product is designed to be both simple and effective—with authentic ingredients that leave hair looking and feeling healthier.

GHD is the beginner of the trend of using hair straighteners not only for straightening but also for curling. For that, GHD improved its technology to the tinniest detail. The company was founded near Leeds in Yorkshire. It could be said that it's the Apple of the hairdressers' world, since they set trends and fashion styles and give special attention to the design of their products.