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Leather is almost alive. It requires attention and care with special cleaning agents. It responds with softness, longevity and shape. All you need for the perfect care of leather is contained in the ILIRIJA collection of products for leather and shoe care.

For shoes of different colours, use the classic cream contained in round metal container. For more delicate shoes we reccomend a line of creams in tubes for smooth leather, which includes a sponge for applying the cream.

Shoes made of suede and fashionable nubuck will appear as new, when the suede and nubuck spray is applied. After use, the shoe colour will become fresher and your shoes will be water-resistant. Self-shining polish and shoe sponge are products for cleaning and protecting shoes made of all kinds of smooth leather. You can use them everywhere and whenever you want (at home, at work, on trips ...), because they are quick and simple to use. These products are particularly suitable for those who are in a constant rush and who need a handy quality product, which is easy to use.

For protection of all types of leather products, shoes, jackets, handbags and leather fancy goods, you can use our special impregnation spray, which protects against dirt, moisture, rain and snow.


 ilirija usnje

This product cleans, protects and freshens up the colour of the leather. Available in 30 ml size and colours:


Contains fluorine chemical. Thoroughly impregnates shoes, clothes, handbags, and other products made of leather,

 ilirija puncka

This product cleans, protects and freshens up the colour of the leather. Available in 45 ml size and colours:


Cleans smooth leather shoes quickly and easily and makes your shoes shine without polishing.

 ili vtubi

This mild cream emulsion cleans, protects and restores colour. Increases water-resistance of the shoes. Available in 75 ml size and colours:  


They clean and protect shoes made of all kinds of smooth leather. After the removal of any dirt, apply the product to the whole shoe surface and you will notice an immediate shine effect.

 ilirija neki

Impregnates leather perfectly, embellishes it and restores its colour. It is an eco-friendly product, on account of the fact it does not contain any poisonous substances.