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Nature is always on our side when we are looking for something that will be pleasant for our hair and scalp. The brand CVET is also a gift of nature. Containing diverse natural extracts, the Cvet products tend hair and skin perfectly; they are gentle and Ph neutral. Cvet products are available in bigger, family packaging of 500 and 1000 ml and have a great value for money ratio.

CVET shampoos are gentle shampoos with pleasant, fresh fragrances. They contain soft ingredients, which strengthen and tend the hair and return their brilliance and natural look.

The liquid soap line CVET is excellent for washing hands and body. The products gently clean the skin and the conditioning ingredients leave the skin soft and vital after use. The carefully chosen fragrances coconut and almond pleasantly odour the skin.


Cvet Breza 1000ml

A gentle shampoo with the pleasant fragrance of young birch tree leaves. Available in 500 and 1000 ml size. 


A gentle shampoo with natural extracts of chamomile and calendula that soothes sensitive and dry skin of the scalp and nurtures the hair.

Cvet Kopriva 1000ml

Herbal shampoo with fresh nettle fragrance. Available in 500 and 1000 ml size. 

Cvet kokos

A gentle body &hair shampoo with a pleasant coconut scent. 

zeleno 1000

A gentle body &hair shampoo with a pleasant aroma of green apples. 

cvet milo mandelj

The moisturizing almond scented soap gently cleans the skin and gives it a gentle fragrance.

cvet milo kokos

The moisturizing coconut-scented soap gently cleans the skin.