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Our lifestyle is very quick and we often run out of energy. Besides that, we do not get enough vitamins because of bad nutrition. Vitergin is an excellent choice when you have to restock your energy and strengthen your immune system or if you just feel for a good fruit candy with a fruity flavour. Vitergin with dextrose and vitamins is healthy (it contains the vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 and B6), natural, with good sugar and fruit-extracts and has no colouring agents. It is suitable for children, older than three years, as well as for grown-ups.

VITERGIN is excellent for:

  • for energy
  • for strength
  • for motivation
  • for health
  • for concentration
  • for fun

Availabe in 24 g pavckaging and the flavours strawberry, orange, wild berries, lemon and raspberry.