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Blonde colours are very popular among women, but too frequent or incorrect coloring, improper care or exposure to weather conditions can leave hair looking dull and lustreless. Unwanted yellow or orange tones can also appear on the hair after dyeing or over time. The solution to these problems is the new Subrina Saten toners!

Subrina Saten toners gently accentuate or change the tone of your blonde hair colour. They are ammonia-free and have a lower developer concentration, making them gentler on the hair and more suitable for damaged hair.

The new Subrina Saten toners have a variety of uses, they can be used to tone blonde coloured hair or hair with strands to an icy, sandy or pearly blonde shade, to refresh washed out shade of the hair colour and the icy blonde shade is extremely effective for eliminating unwanted yellow tones that often appear after hair bleaching.

The ceramide oil complex makes hair smooth and nourished after colouring. Ceramides in combination with olive and castor oils renew the breaking spots in hair, strengthen and moisturise the hair. The special combination of colour pigments in the toners does not penetrate as deeply into the hair shaft as with conventional hair colours, so the toners are gradually washed out of the hair. They can change the tone of your naturally blonde, bleached or blonde-dyed hair, but they cannot lighten it. Toners are also not suitable for grey hair.

To achieve a stronger tone, apply toner to dry hair, but for a weaker effect, or if you use toner immediately after bleaching or lightening your hair, it is better to apply it to washed, damp, towel-wiped hair.

For extra care, colour protection and brilliant shine, add a nurturing and colour-preserving conditioner to finish after each toning.



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