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Subrina Butter Colour hair colours continue to win the hearts and hair of consumers in the Slovenian and Adriatic markets year after year. Now, these popular colours are presented with a fresh look and an exciting new shade.


The basic formulation and performance of the colors remains unchanged. Subrina Butter Colour permanent ammonia-free colour with the nourishing power of the unique 4-butter combination provides intense and lasting shades, optimally covering grey hair. The combination of murumuru, mango, shea and cocoa butter nourishes your hair from the inside and provides excellent colour and a brilliant shine. The rich creamy structure of the colour does not drip during application. It evenly wraps around each hair and soaks it in rich nourishing cream. The result of dyeing is intense and long-lasting shades with optimal coverage of gray hair.


With the new shade of praline, we respond to the trend of cool brown shades, which are not from the group of natural shades. The new praline shade provides a full brown color result without a red undertone. It is suitable for use on dark blond to medium brown natural hair color. This shade is suitable for grey hair.



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