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Preventive anti-lice shampoo Subrina Kids Herby!


The profession estimates that in Europe, despite high hygiene conditions, head lice are found at 6 to 12 million children every year. At that time, panic reigns in kindergartens, schools and domestic households, because these little nuisances are very contagious. Luckily, now there is Subrina Kids Herby . This shampoo creates an environment unsuitable for lice. Thus, it repels these uninvited guests, while at the same time it cleans and nourishes children's hair well.

The main ingredients against lice are tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil, which repel lice with their smell and create an unfavorable environment for the development of nits. The shampoo is used as a protective shampoo against lice, but due to its gentle ingredients, it is also suitable for normal use.





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