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We are proud that Ilirija 1908 shower gels have received the flattering title of Selected Product of 2023. The title is awarded based on the votes of a large number of customers in an independent, nationally representative study conducted by the research company Nielsen IQ. Customers who try the product, evaluate its innovation, quality, attractiveness and purchase intention. In the category of shower gels, customers were most impressed by the herbal shower gels Ilirija 1908.


ILIRIJA 1908 shower gels follow the tradition of extremely popular herbal shampoos of nettle, birch and chamomile, which are valued by customers for their quality and natural extracts. They are based on a vegan formula and, in addition to plant extracts, they also contain selected moisturizing agents that provide great skin care. You can choose from as many as five pleasant scents: birch with urea, oat with lipids, calendula with panthenol, rosehip with saccharides and ahinacea with hyaluronic acid. The new shower gels are also noticeable on the store shelves, as they carry the appearance of the recognizable iconic 230 ml bottle.


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