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The LIDERA deodorant cream and deodorant cream for feet ensures efficient body conditioning, ensuring a relaxed and confident feeling. Lidera Hair Removal Powder represents a new method of hair removal, that provides excellent results without pain, skin irritation or breakouts.


lidera dezodorant krema

Prevents forming that unpleasant smell of feet while perspiration. It contains an active ingredient, which binds on itself the unpleasant smell, however doesn't prevent perspiration. It stays effective for a few days. It freshens the feet and stimulates the bloodstream in them. It doesn't contain preservatives or alcohols. Available in 50 ml size.

lidera dezodorant krema deo

The LIDERA deodorant cream is the answer to the question, how to sweat without the unpleasant smell. When sweating the sweat gets into contact with bacteria which form the unpleasant smell.

lidera depilacijska krema

Lidera Hair Removal Powder represents a new method of hair removal.

Lidera pH Optimal after hair removal lotion

Maintain appropriate skin care after each hair removal process and make sure your skin is nurtured.