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All important holidays and the most memorable evenings are mostly adorned with candles. Candle, the ancient source of light, has been transformed through time to become our everyday companion as a symbol of everything that is beautiful and good. Candle is the most sophisticated decorative element of our social and private lives. It accompanies us not only in the important events of our life, but it also beautifies and enriches our daily life. The intimate light emanating from a candle conjures up an atmosphere which gives the room and us a special glow. Eternal love that candles communicate to us and to people around us even beyond boundaries of life is to be understood with most respect.

Candles represent our second oldest program. They are distinguished for their continuous high quality, extensive choice of shapes and a wide palette of colours and scents and are made from materials not harmful to the environment.

Our product range includes: decorative and garden candles, festive and perfumed candles, mourning candles. They are all made at our own chandlery, where we manufacture pressed, drawn and poured candles.


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Today a candle is no more the main source of light. We light a candle to create a festive atmosphere. In the Slovenian language the term festivity (SVEČANOST) comes from the term candle (SVEČA). The ILIRIJA LIGHT decorative candles can boast of their variety of colours and shapes, as well as of high quality. The Ilirija Light candles burn with constant flame, they do not smoke or drip.

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The mourning programme is our most extensive programme. Besides Portugal and Poland, Slovenia is the biggest consumer of candles from that programme. The mourning candles are also manufactured from high quality paraffin wax, they do not smoke or crackle.